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Fish of Baltic Sea

While the Baltic Sea might seem boring and mundane compared to tropical oceans, it has a fairly diverse and very odd assemblage of fish. It’s the world’s largest pool of brackish water, but it’s geologically so young, there are no specialized brackish water species.

So it’s a confusing mix. There are resilient ocean species, often smaller than their oceanic counterparts and unable to breed in some parts of the sea, and just as resilient freshwater fish venturing into the salty parts. Arctic fish mixed with temperate species coming from south. Oceanic fish that once invaded fresh waters and then returned here, now unable to tolerate full ocean salinity.

Fish that give birth, fish whose males get pregnant, fish whose eyes migrate over their heads during their lifetimes, fish that build nests, fish that smell like fresh cucumber. We have everything.

Made for Sieppo, a children’s magazine published by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

Black markers and Photoshop imitating watercolor.

Text and illustration: Maija Karala


Holy crap, last night I hit 222 FOLLOWERS. Craziness. That means it’s time for


o/` Untz untz untz untz  o/`

What better way to thank you all then to hold a contest!? Deadline to enter is Sept 25th!

To enter: If you follow me, reblog this post! Favorites will count as well, giving you double the chance to win!  This is only open to my current 222 followers, so only they will be included in the drawing. Winners will be randomly chosen at the end of the deadline. I will then note you afterwards.


  • 1st Prize -  Color (or manga toned if you prefer it) commission featuring one or two characters
  • 2nd Prize - manga-toned black and white commission featuring one character
  • 3rd Prize - One character chibi colored commission

Subject matter for the winners can be fan art or original characters and will be posted on tumblr. And, no pr0ns!! What do you think this is, robotpantytime?


You haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen 7 rats in a box of (pet safe) packing peanuts

*perceptible squealing noises*

Feedback is certainly welcome.

3rd attempt on this character. This feels waaaay better to me. More streamlined and to the point. Dropped the butterfly motif as it clogged up the wings too much. Shortened the tail, etc., etc. The colors are more…appropriate for a main character? The tail still bothers me, but only because that middle feather is laying awkwardly over the tail. The head of the staff is just a place holder.

This would be the general layout for the whole race, but individuals would vary by the type of bird or monkey or class chosen. I guess my biggest question is whether or not the character looks interesting.

(I like the idea of doctrine requiring dull-ish feathers, but then humans come along with their clothes and jewelry and it’s like “Hello there Mr. Scripture. Meet my good friend, Mr. Loophole.”)

Sketch started at Otakon and finished less than a week later. That has to be some kind of record.

Colored with markers and colored pencils. It would be a small mountain of work but it is very, <i>very</i> tempting to make a small comic this way. Original story or Megaman…or maybe both. What do you guys think?

Other news! digitallyfanged: Your Kaito chibi has been sketched! kiapurity: I <i>finally</i> found a pose for Zero.EXE! dynamitemanexe: Still waiting to hear about your character’s details!

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